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President: Xu Bingjin

Former Assistant Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, former Director of the State Office for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electronic Products, former Assistant Minister of Ministry of Commerce, honorary President of China Automobile Dealers Association, Vice President of China Society for World Trade Organization Studies and Senior engineer.

As the deputy director of the negotiation delegation, Mr. Xu has been involved in the negotiation of China’s access into GATT & WTO since 1988 and presided over the sections of Sino-US market access, mechanical electronics products, non-tariff measures and so on.

Mr. Xu was the Assistant Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Assistant Minister of Minstry of Commerce, and member of party leadership group, mainly in charge of industrial administration and diplomatic work in 1998.

Since 1964, he has been working at the Ministry of Machinery, National Planning Committee, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and is mainly in charge of macroeconomic administration.

Graduating from the department of Engineering Economy of Jilin Industrial University, Mr. Xu has a keen insight into the industrial policy, and economy and has been invited to attend high-level seminars concerning economic and trade policy both home and abroad. 


Ms. Chen Jingyue is the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC).

During her career in CEATEC, Ms Chen has been advocating for trade promotion between China and Europe and has been leading CEATEC in organizing various events to foster bilateral and multilateral China-Europe relationship. As one of the co-founders of China Own Brand Auto Expo, Beijing Imported Auto Expo, and as an important organizer of the supporting events during the China International Import Expo, she has made great contribution to the promotion of business relationship between Chinese and European companies.

She also facilitated the implementation of Belarus-China Industrial Park, also known as Great Stone project, in Belarus, which laid a solid foundation for closer ties between China and Europe.


Mr. Dai Junyang, Vice President of China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation.

Mr. Dai is in charge of promoting industrial cooperation between China and Europe, and has assisted in local governments and industrial parks in various technology cooperation projects. He also led many Chinese business delegations to visit Europe and attended international meetings for promoting Chinese and European business cooperation.

He is a member of the Emergency industry expert group of National Development and Reform Commission, vice chairman of the Health Industry Investment Committee of China Health Culture Association and vice chairman of Military-civilian Integration Development Committee of China Association for Disaster & Emergency Rescue. He was also employed as industry experts by relevant ministries and agencies.


Zhou Jing: Former Director of International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission and Director of International Clinical Nutrition Industry Research Institute. Currently she is Vice President of China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation, executive President of China-Africa Countries Trade Promotion Association, the consultant of Canadian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and the head of Canadian International Training Foundation.

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